The most important aspect of running a business or organization is the safety of your employees, patrons, and assets. During an emergency or power outage, it is critical and required to have properly functioning emergency response systems and exit lighting. Exit signs and well-lit emergency lighting is designed to illuminate a pathway for occupants to safely vacate a building. Priority Fire Protection inspects, tests, and services exit and emergency lighting in accordance with NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, and OSHA requirements.

Our licensed and certified technicians can design, distribute, install, inspect, and service exit and emergency lighting systems for all commercial, industrial, municipal, and retail businesses. We are available for one-time emergency exit lighting repairs, and we offer monthly and yearly maintenance and inspection packages; so you no longer need to worry about keeping up with scheduling service.

Maintenance Schedule

Every Month

  • Confirm lamps are correctly aimed and sufficiently illuminated.
  • Inspect light housings for damage.
  • Maintain detailed monthly inspection log.
  • Ensure test switch is in working order.
  • Building walkthrough to make sure all designated areas have required, working emergency lighting and signage.


Every Year

  • Thorough inspection of all exit and emergency lighting systems.
  • Required 90-minute battery and lighting system test.
  • Verify unit and battery are in satisfactory, functional condition.
  • Check that AC/DC lamps or bulbs are in working order.
  • Ensure charging circuit is working properly.
  • Apply test label to E-light units upon inspection completion.


Priority Fire Protection is available 24/7 for any emergency situation. From repairing and servicing, to installing new equipment, we are happy to be your total emergency and exit light service solution. Give us a call today!

Priority Fire Protection services hospitals, schools, hotels, healthcare centers, daycares, retirement homes, restaurants, churches, wedding venue kitchens, food trucks, and various other facilities with a commercial kitchen. We serve Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown, Seaford, Grafton, Gloucester, York County, Poquoson, Mathews, Williamsburg, James City County, New Kent, and Richmond areas.

Emergency Exit Lighting Inspections, Sales, Maintenance and Repair

Priority Fire Protection LLC is headquartered in Mathews, VA. We are a one stop-shop specializing in the installation, design, inspection and maintenance of all hood and fire suppression systems. We are also capable of recharging extinguishers and CO2 tanks.

We can offer you a total package for hoods and fire suppression systems as well as service after the sale. We can also offer hood systems cleaning services as part of the package or as a separate service.