Commercial kitchen exhaust fan hinge kits allow the necessary access required to clean the hood exhaust system and prevent costly damage to the exhaust fan, wiring, and roof. The team at Priority Fire Protection is highly experienced in the installation, repair, and maintenance of all exhaust fan hinge kits.

Hinge kits for exhaust fans serve numerous important purposes including:

  • Proper exhaust fan cleaning. To fully clean any commercial kitchen a sturdy exhaust fan a hinge kit must be installed to safely access all areas for proper cleaning.

  • Removing a heavy exhaust fan without a hinge kit for cleaning or maintenance is not only dangerous for the contractor but typically causes some degree of harm to the roof or the fan housing.

  • To protect the electrical wiring. Adding a hinge to your upblast exhaust fan helps protect your electrical cords and fan wiring. Exhaust fan wiring is stretched or disconnected each time the fan is taken off for inspection or cleaning, causing wear and possible damage.

  • To protect the exhaust fan. The exhaust fan can be damaged over time by removing it from the stack repeatedly and placing it on its side. An exhaust fan hinge kit eliminates this problem.

  • To prevent roof damage. Rooftop damage and leaks can be the result of repeated placement or accidentally dropping the exhaust fan on the roof during cleaning or maintenance.

  • Compliance with the law. NFPA 96 Code states: “Approved upblast fans with motors surrounded by the airstream shall be hinged, supplied with flexible weatherproof electrical cable and service hold-open retainers, and listed for this use.”

We will work with your schedule to design, install, or retrofit your exhaust fan hinge kit. Maintain your NFPA 96 compliance and protect your equipment, roof, and investments by giving Priority Fire Protection a call today.

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Commercial Kitchen Hood Fan Hinge Kits

Priority Fire Protection LLC is headquartered in Mathews, VA. We are a one stop-shop specializing in the installation, design, inspection and maintenance of all hood and fire suppression systems. We are also capable of recharging extinguishers and CO2 tanks.

We can offer you a total package for hoods and fire suppression systems as well as service after the sale. We can also offer hood systems cleaning services as part of the package or as a separate service.